The History of Teabo UMC

Teabo Church was established in 1870 by Welsh and Cornish miners from England who were brought to the United States as immigrants to labor in the mines.

Long before 1870, and long before there was a church building, these men and women formed themselves into Methodist classes and worshipped as they had in England, meeting in their homes.

Owners of the mines granted plots of ground to the miners’ religious societies and built local churches. Area business persons of the time donated organs, pews, and all that was needed for the interior. For the miners, the church was a place of peace, freedom from the everyday stress of mining, a time of fellowship with one another, and a place for spiritual growth and renewal.

Today, 140 years later, Teabo remains a place of respite from day-to-day stress, an opportunity to renew and grow in the Spirit of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through our worship services, and a welcoming place for fellowship with one another.


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