Nursery and Sunday School

Nursery is offered for children ages 2 and younger. Sunday School is held at 9:45 a.m. each Sunday in Fellowship Hall for pre-K through 6th grade. Our middle school and high school young people help with our Sunday school and in our worship services.

Holy Communion

On the first Sunday of each month, we hold a service of Holy Communion – a holy time where we offer bread and grape juice (symbolic of wine) – and remember the Last Supper that Jesus Christ shared with His disciples. Communion is a sacrament in the United Methodist Church the church.

Communion is served in one of two ways: congregants come forward to the altar, and standing in front of the altar as they are served (known as intinction); or congregants kneel at the altar rail as each person is be served.

The sacrament of Holy Communion is open to all who seek to know Christ, who earnestly repent of their sin and who seek to live in peace with one another.

Everyone is welcome at God’s table.


In United Methodism, baptism is a sacrament that reminds us of God's grace that is at work in the life of every human being. Anyone who wishes to become a member of a United Methodist Church must be baptized.


Membership in the United Methodist Church means that you have been baptized, have professed your faith in Jesus Christ, and have taken vows of membership.

You can join by profession of faith, transfer of membership from another United Methodist Church, or transfer from another denomination. Membership classes are required to join Teabo UMC.

Who We Are

The members of Teabo United Methodist Church are disciples of Jesus Christ who live the Methodist watchwords: Open Hearts, Open Minds,Open Doors.

Our mission is to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Teabo members are an enthusiastic community who seek to provide an extended church family to all. Led by the Holy Spirit and by the teachings of Jesus Christ, we want to extend the good news of God’s love for all mankind. Everyone is welcome here.

We believe that God loves all of his children and that He seeks for them a personal relationship with His son, Jesus Christ. We want to help you on your spiritual journey by providing stimulating worship, Bible study, Sunday School, family activities and events, local outreach into our community, and beyond to the world at large.

If you’ve never been to church, or haven’t been in a long time…

Worship at Teabo is meaningful and Christ-centered. The dress code is casual. At our services, you will see people of all ages, young and older, kids and adults. It really doesn't matter. We're all there to get to know God more. It's that simple. Come as you are, wherever you are in your Faith journey. And if you’ve never been to church before, there will be a welcoming congregation to help you.

As you first enter the church building, you'll be greeted by an usher or church, member, who will give you a bulletin describing the order of worship, general announcements and prayer requests.

The bulletin will tell you what we do/say and when; it will have any words or prayers that we read together, the songs we sing (hymns) with the page numbers. Hymnal books and Bibles are located in the pews (seats).

What's the Worship Service like?

We start off with music. Then “acolytes” (usually our young people) or the Pastor will walk to the altar and light the candles, which is symbolic of the “Light of the World” Jesus Christ coming into worship. They are followed by the Pastor.

The Pastor welcomes everyone and makes some announcements. Announcements give you a glimpse of the activities and the needs at Teabo.

There is an opening prayer (read responsively) and a hymn, followed by “Time with the Chldren.” This is when the children in the church come forward and sit with the Pastor, who teaches them a short lesson for the week. After that, the children leave for Sunday School.

Scriptures are read by a congregation reader, followed by the pastor’s sermon. It is a contemporary message based on the Bible scriptures to help you learn about God, our Creator; Jesus Christ, his Son and our Savior; and the power of the Holy Spirit.

After the sermon, there is a hymn and prayer. Then an offering will be taken. Ushers will pass the offering plates and people place their offering (money) in the plate. Offerings are used to help Teabo UMC do God's work and to maintain our church programs. Sometimes special offerings are taken for world hunger, mission work, etc.

After the offering, we sing one more hymn, and then there is a benediction, which is a prayer for dismissal.

Following our service, we have coffee hour in the room adjoining the Sanctuary. It’s a wonderful time to get to know people, have a light snack and coffee, and catch up with others.

What's will be expected of me?

At Teabo, we encourage you to just be yourself! We are an open family of Christ and will welcome you to our church. If, after visiting, you like what you see and hear, then you can come regularly to Sunday morning service. We have periodic, short Bible studies which you may attend. If you have children, you will want to enroll them in Sunday school. We have several teams to help with all aspects of Teabo, such as the Worship Team; Finance and Stewardship; Children’s Education; Nurture, Outreach and Missions; and others. Once you become a member of Teabo, you can participate on a team which may fit in with your particular gifts and talents. We also have the Family Ministries Team, which plans fellowship events for the Teabo members, such as bowling, or trips to area attractions, such as Hershey Park, and summer church family picnics.

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